Tom Goldstein, Life and Professionnel Coach

Tom Goldstein is a certified personal and professional coach in Chamonix (ICF PCC). He has a master’s degree in psychology, and a PGDip in systemic behaviour change and well-being. Tom works with clients who are motivated to find new ways of showing up, find balance, resilience, and who want to maximise their potential for success. He asks his clients to see every moment as a chance to develop and explore new perspectives. 



Certified coach in Chamonix

Tom offers face to face coaching in Chamonix on Thursday mornings at Corpus Sante. He also offers walk and talk coaching as well as workshops and retreats in the Chamonix valley. moire information on the website


​Before training as a coach, Tom spent 15 years in another career in telecoms. He worked globally for small start-ups and large multi-nationals. Tom was also involved in building and leading global teams for more than 5 years.

Coaching is not about providing all the answers, but it’s about partnering with you in a process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. Here’s how coaching can support you:

Gain Clarity

Life coaching helps you to gain clarity about your goals and desires, enabling you to make decisions that align with your core values.

  • Develop Resilience: Through coaching, you’ll learn to cultivate resilience, an essential skill in navigating change and overcoming adversity.
  • Improve Decision Making: With coaching, you can learn effective decision-making strategies, helping you to make informed choices about your future.
  • Boost Confidence: Coaching can provide you with the tools to boost your self-confidence, empowering you to embrace new beginnings and opportunities.
  • Enhance Emotional Wellbeing: By offering strategies to cope with stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, coaching supports your emotional well-being and balance.

Tom’s coaching includes leadership development, career growth, mental wellbeing, personal development, teams, sports performance, and life in general. He has coached CEOs, executives, founders, senior leaders, high potential individuals, athletes, as well as people and teams at all levels within and outside of organisations.

Benefits of life coaching

  • Get clear on your goals and ambitions
  • Assess your values, passions, strengths and skills
  • Identify where to focus based on your strengths
  • Build your self confidence
  • Develop resilience
  • Create more balance in your life
  • Develop and reach out to a support network of people to help build success more quickly
  • Build your self-awareness and situational awareness
  • Clarify your needs and ensure that they are served by your new career direction
  • Build strong motivation around your goals
  • Career transition and taking the next step
  • Work on areas that are holding you back, such as interviewing, negotiating, communication
  • Develop your skills and strengths even more so that you shine more brightly than others
  • Create a strong sense of identity based on your authentic self
  • Hone your ability to tell impactful stories about yourself based on your authentic identity
  • Create a process for you to continue moving forwards, and to incorporate learning at each stage

Through coaching, you can work on your goals and values, as well as your thinking process and the way you make meaning of your world. This includes supporting you to develop your self-belief and motivation to achieve whatever it is that you feel is missing right now in your life. It may be related to success, happiness, connections, impact, balance or anything else that is important to you. As your coach, Tom will balance support and challenge to assist you in creating the change you seek.

For Tom, the most important aspect of coaching is that this is a partnership between coach and client. The coach is not an expert in life, or on the client, so the client partners with the coach to explore their thinking, their reality and their journey towards whatever inner or external goals are important.


Coaching can be seen as

  • A deep processes to help you identify where you are limiting yourself, and to move past these internal limits so that you can transform your life
  • A mixture of powerful cognitive, emotional and somatic approaches to bring you fresh perspective, let go of what no longer serves you and move forward with new skills and insight
  • A safe space to share and be heard without judgement
  • Practical and effective evidence based approaches
  • Tools that you can take away and use for yourself to accelerate your growth

See the video for more informations about Tom Goldstein


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