Chamonix Weather

3 Day Forecast Chamonix Weather

Are you going to stay in Chamonix soon? Discover the weather forecast of Chamonix for the next few days provided by Météo France.

7 Day Forecast Chamonix Weather

Find out the 7 day forecast for Chamonix.

Tips for walking in the mountains

The weather can change rapidly in the mountains. Always check the latest weather report before setting off and take suitable equipment with you. To give you an idea of the weather conditions, you can also check the Chamonix webcams and the Mont Blanc webcam from the Aiguille du Midi to see the weather on the summits.

  • Hiking shoes
  • Warm clothing: it is preferable to leave with several layers of clothing (underwear, fleece, waterproof windbreaker)
  • Map / compass
  • Mobile phone

If you are going on your own, tell your friends and family before you leave, specifying your route.

Foehn effect

The weather in Chamonix can be subject to the foehn effect. This is a warm, dry wind that comes from Italy. The foehn can melt the snow quickly. The wind can sometimes be strong and can be a nuisance at altitude for climbers. The Mont Blanc can be covered by a small hat (lenticular cloud) under the effect of the foehn. This cloud generally announces bad weather (strong wind, development of the clouds then storm)

Nuage lenticulaire et Mont Blanc - effet de foehn
Foehn effect
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