How to avoid Mont Blanc Tunnel ?

Find all the practical information you need to know if you want to use the Mont Blanc Tunnel

If you want to avoid the Mont Blanc Tunnel and are looking for alternatives to go to Italy, find out below how to go to Italy without taking the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

1: Routes with tolls to avoid the Mont Blanc Tunnel

The Mont Blanc Tunnel is closed due to road works? It’s a holiday weekend and there is a lot of waiting to get through the tunnel? Discover below alternative routes to the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

  • Fréjus Tunnel: Are you heading towards Lyon and the Mont Blanc Tunnel is congested? You have the possibility to go through the Fréjus Tunnel. You won’t save any money. The prices for the Fréjus and Mont Blanc tunnels are identical.
  • Col du Grand Saint Bernard itinerary: From Chamonix, head for Vallorcine and then Martigny (Switzerland). Once you arrive in the Swiss town of Martigny, take the direction of the Col du Grand St Bernard. Le Tunnel du Grand Saint Bernard” (Price 27,90€ in 2017) allows you to avoid the pass road which is closed in Winter. To check the state of the roads and if the tunnel is open, you can check the page on the state of the Grand St Bernard Tunnel

2: Avoiding the Mont Blanc tunnel without paying

  • North via the Grand St Bernard pass: In summer, it is possible to go via Martigny (Switzerland) and the Grand St Bernard pass. You will not be driving on a motorway, so the Swiss vignette is not required. It is a (high) mountain road so it is winding and only open if conditions allow (road closed in winter). The landscapes are very beautiful. It is then possible to cut back a little by taking
  • Col du Petit St Bernard via Bourg St Maurice. Further south via Petit Saint Bernard through Bourg Saint Maurice. The Col du Petit Saint Bernard road is closed in winter. Check if the pass is open on Savoie Route.
  • Col du Mont Cenis via Modane: This pass is closed in winter. You can take the Col du Mont Cenis from Modane to Turin in Italy.
Stelvio Col
Stelvio Col
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