Tunnel du Mont Blanc du côté italien

Mont Blanc Tunnel prices to rise sharply in 2023

The new prices for the Mont Blanc tunnel have been unveiled. For the year 2023, the prices of the tunnel increase significantly! Each year, the tariff schedule is updated in consultation with the French and Italian governments. The intergovernmental commission met on 5 December 2022 and decided to follow inflation. Indeed, inflation in France and Italy was high in 2022. To calculate the 2023 prices of the Mont Blanc Tunnel, an average rate between the two countries was calculated.

Price increase of 7.36% for the Mont Blanc Tunnel in 2023

Taking into account inflation in France and Italy, the Mont Blanc Tunnel prices will increase by 7.36%. Chamonix Planet gives you the prices on the Italian and French sides. Prices in Italy are slightly higher due to a higher VAT rate (22% instead of 20%).

Going to Italy with a car will now cost more than 50€ (2023 price: 51.50 € for a one way ticket). Similarly, for freight transport, the impact is significant. The price of a return journey for a semi-trailer reaches €590.

Mont Blanc Tunnel price (French side toll)

Type véhiculeAller simpleAller/Retour
Caravane, camping-car68.1085.8
Poids lourds & cars 2 essieux186.90290.10
Poids lourds & cars 3 essieux et plus375.60590

Mont Blanc Tunnel price (Italian side toll)

Type véhiculeTarif aller simpleTarif aller/retour
Caravane, Camping-Car64.5081.10
Poids lourds & cars 2 essieux190295.80
Poids lourds & cars 3 essieux et plus381.90599.80

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